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Nature Communications I 2017 I open access

Mapping the sugar dependency for rational generation of a DNA-RNA hybrid-guided Cas9 endonuclease

Journal of the American Chemical Society I 2017

Electrical Actuation of a DNA Origami Nanolever on an Electrode


Physical interaction between the strawberry allergen Fra a 1 and an associated partner FaAP: Interaction of Fra a 1 proteins and FaAP

Nucleic Acids Research I 2017

Alternative stable conformation capable of protein misinteraction links tRNA synthetase to peripheral neuropathy.

Nucleic Acids Research I 2017

Structural study of the Fox-1 RRM protein hydration reveals a role for key water molecules in RRM-RNA recognition

Methods I 2017 

switchSENSE: A new technology to study protein-RNA interactions.

Nucleic Acids Research I 2017 I open access

Molecular mechanism governing ratio-dependent transcription regulation in the ccdAB operon

Journal Chromosome Research I 2017 

The long zinc finger domain of PRDM9 forms a highly stable and long-lived complex with its DNA recognition sequence.

Nature Communications I 2017 I open access

Specialized interfaces of Smc5/6 control hinge stability and DNA association

Scientific Reports I 2015 I open access 

Polymerase/DNA Interactions and Enzymatic Activity: Multiparameter Analysis with Electroswitchable Biosurfaces

Analytical Chemistry I 2015 

Detection of the Carcinogenic Water Pollutant Benzo[a]pyrene with an Electro-Switchable Biosurface

Journal of Physical Chemistry B I 2014 

Molecular Dynamics of DNA−Protein Conjugates on Electrified Surfaces: Solutions to the Drift-Diffusion Equation

Nature Communications I 2013 I open access

Protein analysis by time-resolved measurements with an electro-switchable DNA chip

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry I 2013

Covalent attachment of functionalized cardiolipin on a biosensor gold surface allows repetitive measurements of anticardiolipin antibodies in serum

Bioanalytical Reviews I 2012

Sensing with electro-switchable biosurfaces

BIOspektrum I 2012

Messung molekularer Interaktion mit dynamischen Oberflächensensoren

Journal of the American Chemical Society I 2012

Quantitation of Affinity, Avidity, and Binding Kinetics of Protein Analytes with a Dynamically Switchable Biosurface

Nachrichten aus der Chemie I 2010

Leichte Proteine schwingen besser

Laborwelt I 2010

Analyse von Biomolekülen mit aktiv bewegten Nano-Oberflächen

Journal of the American Chemical Society I 2010

Conformations of End-Tethered DNA Molecules on Gold Surfaces:
Influences of Applied Electric Potential, Electrolyte Screening, and Temperature

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Platform for in situ real-time measurement of protein-induced conformational changes of DNA

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Dynamics of end grafted DNA molecules and possible biosensor applications

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Electrical Manipulation of DNA on Metal Surfaces

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Switchable DNA interfaces for the highly sensitive detection of label-free DNA targets

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Controlling the surface density of DNA on gold by electrically induced desorption

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Dynamics of end grafted DNA molecules and possible biosensor applications

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The Role of Surface Charging during the Coadsorption of Mercaptohexanol to DNA Layers on Gold: Direct Observation of Desorption and Layer Reorientation

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Dissimilar Kinetic Behavior of Electrically Manipulated Single- and Double-Stranded DNA Tethered to a Gold Surface

Nano Letters I 2004

Dynamic Electrical Switching of DNA Layers on a Metal Surface

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Structural Properties of Oligonucleotide Monolayers on Gold Surfaces Probed by Fluorescence Investigations