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Drug Development for Biologics and Small Molecules


Fresh information, earlier in the pipeline and with smaller volumes, switchSENSE® shakes up the traditional simple kinetics based methodologies to identify and thoroughly characterise potential hits in the drug discovery pipeline.

How? Using molecular dynamics, proximity sensing and conformational rulers, switchSENSE® generates highly sensitive and insightful kinetic and biophysical data.

For small molecules, our extremely low volume based conformational change analysis provides a more biologically relevant basis to screening while fluorescent proximity sensing detects subtle changes to the local environment upon interactions. In antibodies, find new levels of high-affinity binding measurements and by adapting capture density or using our novel SLINGSHOT structures, unpick the kinetics of bivalents. And in the new world of nucleic acid based therapeutics, switchSENSE’s architecture links directly to the likes of DNA encoded libraries and RNA aptamers for a rapid and easy method of study.

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Quality Control in Production Process Monitoring


If characterising enzyme activity and reproducibly establishing lot-by-lot quality is your work, then switchSENSE® offers a brand new tool – extremely rapid, highly insightful, radiation free– to measure the activity of enzymatic proteins.

In the area of commercially produced polymerases, switchSENSE® does away with tedious and undesirable radiolabelling techniques to replaces it with a new panel of activity measurements, completed in just a few minutes. Measure polymerase speed, bases per second, at a wide range of temperatures on readily interchangeable single stranded or double stranded target templates.

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Biophysical Analysis in Life Science Research


Shape = Activity. The shape of molecules is fundamental to the operation of life. As interactions occur, proteins open and close, domains move, enzymes climb, nucleic acids bend and complexes relax.

In tandem with our high specificity kinetic measurements, switchSENSE® uses molecular rulers and the measurement of molecular dynamics to give real time mapping of absolute and changes of size, shape and position of interacting partners.

Watch proteins compact when a small molecule binds. Watch DNA strands wrap around transcription factors. Watch polymerases zip up DNA templates. Watch peptides cross link between proteins. Watch telomeric repeats collapse into tetrameric beads. Watch double stranded DNA relax as it forms triplex DNA.

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