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switchSENSE® is a novel technology for the analysis of molecular interaction and biophysical characterization. In our research labs in Munich and through our work with imaginative customers around the world, we are bringing new and exciting methodologies to the world of biophysics.

If you are looking for a new depth of understanding from your molecular interaction work, please contact us about our technology evaluation program.

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For all enquiries regarding pricing, supply and purchasing, please contact Dynamic Biosensors

We can provide quotations on instrumentation, chips and reagents plus service packages. We can supply technology comparison data, provide detailed technology and application data and assist in the writing of purchasing proposals.

We would especially like to hear from you if you are currently using an alternative platform for molecular interaction analysis. We are keen to provide a demonstration of what switchSENSE® can do for you and your research!

If you would like a comparison document of switchSENSE® versus surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biolayer interferometry (BLI), Kinetic Exclusion Assay (KinExA), Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), please contact us.