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version 2.1 (3.2 MB)

Note: Before running a new heliOS version, a firmware update of your heliX device is necessary.

Supported Operating System I Windows 10

heliOS requires the .NET 5 Desktop Runtime. 
heliOS requires access to a postgreSQL database.

Add enzymatic activity assay to perform substrate titration

Add chip temperature control to predefined assays

Allow duplicating assays in an assay workflow

Add new UI to select predefined assays

Show blank settings without requiring advanced options

Add new standby maintenance assay to predefined assays

Enable reordering of composite parameters by drag and drop

Add analysis for polymerase substrate titration

Add average dynamic response to chip status analysis

Add batch operations for analysis elements

Enable linking of multiple elements to a new group in a manual analysis

Add buttons to collapse and expand all elements in a manual analysis

Include fit curve data in the exports from manual analyses

Enable hiding and showing of measurement table columns

Improve legend settings

Add Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) export to plots

Add button for resuming download from opened experiment

Show remaining time of an experiment in its live view

Display additional information in the experiment live view

Add average temperature as metadata to measurements

Speed up loading of documents when connecting to a database

Improve analysis performance when referencing large datasets

Improve performance and structure of plots

Reduce traffic between heliOS and PostgreSQL database

Fix baseline parameters not showing horizontal slider when being changed in the plot

Fix issue with context menu in analysis

Fix plot axis labels not updating automatically when data changes

Fix error when continuing download from experiment view

Fix live view stability and performance

Fix out-of-sync detection of devices and improve feedback

Fix issue preventing opening certain assays

Fix sorting of assays not working reliably in assay workflow

Fix updates of composite method elements resetting parameters of the updated element

Fix crash during manual analysis loading

Fix crash when closing dialog through X button

Fix crash when closing or switching tabs in an experiment while its live view is active

Fix crash when opening or creating a document while the data is not completely loaded

Fix potential crash when observing measurements in experiment live view

Fix potential snapshot inconsistencies due to weak database connection

Fix rare issues when trying to open imported methods

Prevent snapshots from restoring if they are ahead of their respective stream

Fix default ligand concentration showing far too many digits

Fix double click in search field adding assay to assay workflow

Prevent unsaved assays from being run on a device

Fix heliOS running in the background after closing it

Fix older experiments not opening

Fix black background in plots exported to the clipboard

Fix multiple issues with parameter lists

Fix potential crash when opening settings of an element in a manual analysis

Improve injection and ejection time points

Fix issue with script parameters using a custom label

Fix issues with plots leading to empty snapshots, inactive context menus, and a lingering clipboard feedback window

Fix feedback overlay remaining visible

Fix inconsistent timezones in analysis by replacing raw date-time offsets with local date-times

Fix issue preventing successful export of table results in automated analyses

In case you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@dynamic-biosensors.com.

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