Brochure I December 14, 2018

Bifunctional biosensors for the analysis of bispecific antibodies

Bispecific Challenges?
switchSENSE® Bifunctional Biosensors are the solution.

Learn more about the advantages of switchSENSE® technology:

  • Straightforward sensor functionalization with two different antigens
  • Variable ligand density to control interlinking when multivalent binders are measured
  • Easily adjustable antigen surface ratio to mimic cell surface abundances
  • Dual-color technology to monitor each interaction individually
  • Stable signals for long dissociations to measure slow avidity off-rates
  • switchANALYSIS software with bi-phasic fitting algorithms to discern affinity and avidity
  • switchSENSE® size analysis to assess antigen stability on the sensor surface

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