Publication I September 13, 2021

Tailored Biosensors for Drug Screening, Efficacy Assessment, and Toxicity Evaluation

Biosensors have been flourishing in the field of drug discovery with pronounced developments in the past few years. They facilitate the screening and discovery of innovative drugs. However, there is still a lack of critical reviews that compare the merits and shortcomings of these biosensors from a pharmaceutical point of view. This contribution presents a critical and up-to-date overview on the recent progress of tailored biosensors, including surface plasmon resonance, fluorescent, photoelectrochemical, and electrochemical systems with emphasis on their mechanisms and applications in drug screening, efficacy assessment, and toxicity evaluation. Multiple functional nanomaterials have also been incorporated into the biosensors. Representative examples of each type of biosensors are discussed in terms of design strategy, response mechanism, and potential applications. In the end, we also compare the results and summarize the major insights gained from the works, demonstrating the challenges and prospects of biosensors-assisted drug discovery.