Electrically switchable nanolevers – the switchSENSE® principle

switchSENSE® captures three channels of information for a new depth of interaction understanding

Molecular Dynamics


Fluorescence Proximity

Molecular Ruler

  • High frequency dynamic electrical switching mode measures hydrodynamic friction for absolute size and shape of interacting biomolecules.

  • Fluorescence proximity sensing for real time size-independent kinetics through changes in the local environment.

  • Molecular ruler mode utilizes long-ranged energy transfer to measure the height above the biochip with sub nanometer accuracy.

Molecular Dynamics

Short DNA nanolevers attached to the gold surface of the chip are deliberated moved by way of alternating the voltage across the surface. The motion of the levers is tracked in real time through time-resolved single photon counting. Upon binding of an analyte, the hydrodynamic friction of the levers is affected and subsequently their movement. This change is used by the system’s software to describe absolute size / conformation and kinetics.

The switchSENSE® molecular dynamics measurement recognizes the presence of an analyte in real-time, and measures binding rate constants (kON, kOFF) and dissociation constants (KD).

Uniquely, the nanolever movement delivers exceptional insight into the absolute hydrodynamic diameter (DH) of the interacting partners.
Providing a quantitative sizing to an accuracy of 0.1 nm, this measurement and subsequent conformational change modelling can be used to confirm the identity of partners bound, stoichiometry, understand tertiary shape, denaturation, post-translational modifications and multimeric binding.

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Proximity Sensing

Fluorescence Proximity SensingTM is a size independent, real-time measurement of kinetics responding to changes to the molecular environment upon analyte binding. A powerful tool in small molecule / inhibitor to protein or nucleic acid research, this method can be tailored for specific target families to provide very high level kinetic sensitivity.

switchSENSE® from Dynamic Biosensors – Info Flyer

Take a tour into our switchSENSE® chip!

This chip is the core of the first biosensors´ system that utilizes a surface with switchable DNA molecules.

switchSENSE® – Biophysical Analysis with Electro-Switchable Biosurfaces

Joanna Deek – Senior Scientist, Dynamic Biosensors, DE

Recorded Webinar Presentation 

February 2019


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