Adapter chip

Introducing the
heliX Adapter chip 

One chip. One workflow. 
Many ways to functionalize the surface. 

Two measurement spots for real-time referencing and multiplexing

The heliX Adapter chip has two measurement spots and you can detect both green as well as red fluorescent signals from each spot. This allows for real-time referencing of 2 signals or multiplexing of 4 signals simultaneously. 

On-chip best-in-class microfluidics

Simplistic single-channel design, made from durable glass, withstanding highest flow rates and corrosive chemicals. Fresh channel with every chip – no integrated flow cartridge needed. 

Automated regeneration

Reversibly immobilize any ligand of your choice to the chip surface in an automated workflow. Fast and automated regeneration of the chip surface – no need to scout for regeneration conditions. Reversible adjustment of the ligand density.

heliX Adapter chip

2 spots with 2 different anchor sequences for DNA-encoded addressing. 

Molecular lego, basically. 

The surface of the heliX Adapter chip has a modular design that can be customized to give you maximum assay flexibility.

It has three building blocks: the anchor strand, the adapter strand, and the ligand strand

Anchor strand, fixed

Single stranded DNA strands, optimized to bind Adapter strands and Ligand strands with ultimate specificity and stability.

Adapter strand, exchangeable

Choose from a variety of options according to your experimental needs: standard adapters, DNA-origami nanostructures for large molecular complexes, or Y-structures for bispecific analytes. The attached fluorescent dye can be chosen from a wide range of chemically diverse dyes.

Ligand strand, exchangeable

Immobilize your molecule of interest (the ligand) with easy-to-use kits for direct covalent coupling or tag-capturing.

heliX Adapter chip

Sensor functionalization through standard, automated workflows

Sensor functionalization must be so routine that your mind is free to focus on your samples.
The switchSENSE®  workflow is simple, reliable, and effective:

→ click on the picture to see a larger version of it. 

Ligand immobilization
Ligand coupling is carried out in-vitro for superior purity.

Low sample consumption
5 pmol in 20 µL adapter-ligand conjugate per immobilization.

Wash off analyte/ligand within 1 second.
Immobilize fresh ligand within 1 to 5 minutes.

Fresh ligand, every time
For reproducible results, every time. DNA-mediated functionalization eliminates the need to scout for regeneration conditions.
Why not have a coffee instead?

Repeated chip regeneration
Confidence in chip quality over more than 50 cycles*.

Less than $2 per datapoint for chip and reagent costs*.

* Numbers reflect typical workflows and can vary depending on experimental conditions.

How to functionalize the surface with ligands of interest in 3 simple steps.

Easy to adapt – visit our webshop

Kits with ready-to-use solutions and pre-configured heliOS software workflows.

→ click on the picture to see a larger version of it. 

heliX Adapter chip

One chip. One workflow.
Many ways to functionalize the surface

DNA nanostructures: Think big or small. Flexible or rigid. Mono or bi-specific.

Standard heliX® chips can be combined with DNA nanostructures such as flexible, antibody-like Y-structures presenting two ligands. Or rigid DNA-origami nanolevers to actuate and size large molecular complexes.

Ligand strands are compatible with standard adapters as well as with DNA nanostructures. Couple ligands just once and run assays with different adapters without additional effort.

CLICK HERE for kits with ready-to-use solutions and pre-configured heliOS software workflows.

heliX Adapter chip
technical details

Automated sensor exchange

Load up to 5 chips in one rack and switch automatically between 5 channels and 10 sensor spots.

RFID near field communication

between instrument and chip for seamless traceability of chip status and usage history. Ideal for quality-controlled GxP environments and consistent, error-free results.

Robust microfluidics

Simplistic single-channel design, made from durable glass, withstanding highest flow rates and corrosive chemicals, disposable.

2 detection spots x 2 colors

For real-time referenced measurements of 2 interactions, or monitoring of up to 4 interactions simultaneously.


Ligand density made easy
on a heliX chip. 

Adjusting different ligand densities on a heliX Adapter chip is easier than preparing a decent Vodka Martini:

  1. Mix ligand and adapter strands at the desired ratio.
  2. Shake or stir, it doesn’t really matter. Place vial in autosampler.

Create your own custom heliX chip to meet your experimental needs.

The heliX® MIX&RUN app determines the volumes of your ligand(s) and Adapter-dye strands in order to create a biochip surface with your desired ligand densities. 

heliX Adapter chip

Expert tips for chip longevity


Store at -20°C
Store in sealed package
Shelf-life: 3 months


Equilibrate to room temp.
Use gloves
Keep original bag sealed
Store between experiments


-20°C in sealed original bag

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