dynamicBIOSENSORS technology overview

The heliX® platform offers specific biosensors to help you pursue your research goals and discover molecular interactions.

dynamicBIOSENSORS technologies for molecular interaction analysis feature unparalleled analytical capabilities,
enabling the development and manufacturing of future drugs.

Why discover molecular interactions?

Interactions govern the function of biomolecules in health and disease.

Molecular interactions can cause activation or inhibition of specific intracellular signals, they can result in the formation of functional complexes, they can induce conformational changes, in short, they are the linchpin of biological processes. Characterizing molecular interactions can therefore help to better understand these processes, creating essential knowledge to increase or restore health. That is why we developed the heliX® platform with its specific lines of instruments.

The heliX and heliX+ instruments enable the characterization of molecular interactions in unrivaled details to comprehensively characterize biological processes.

The heliXcyto is specialized to measure binding kinetics directly on cells, preserving the complexity of the native environment.

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