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The DISCOVER MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS webinar series is designed to help you find the right assay for your research project!

Each month we will talk about cutting-edge drug discovery topics like bispecific antibodies, PROTACs or RNA-binding small molecules.

We will show you how to characterize the respective molecular interactions in depth, how to create assays with remarkable biological similarity, low sample consumption, high versatility and exceptional ease-of-use.

You are a switchSENSE® or RT-IC user and want to learn more about specific applications?

You use a different technology like SPR and are curious about alternatives?

You do not use a biophysical technology and want to learn more about how to advance your research project with kinetic measurements?

We’ve got you covered!

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DISCOVER a screening assay for molecular glues and PROTACs: ternary complex analysis with induced proximity

May 08, 2024 / 05:00 PM (CET) 

Proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs) and molecular glues are novel pharmaceutical compounds inducing the degradation of a target protein. This mode of action depends on the formation of a ternary complex with two proteins. Ternary complexes are influenced by complex cooperativity and avidity effects, which makes the kinetic characterization challenging. In this episode, we will showcase a proximity binding assay for the simultaneous measurement of binary and ternary interaction kinetics in high throughput using a Y-shaped DNA nanostructure.
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DISCOVER transcriptase activity: catalytic rates of nucleic acid-modifying enzymes

This episode is about a biosensor assay to measure the catalytic rate of nucleic acid-modifying enzymes like polymerases or transcriptases. We will demonstrate how binding affinity and catalytic activity can be detected individually to examine specific effects of inhibitors.

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