Introducing the
heliXcyto chip 

Trap any cell type on the chip surface in seconds.  

Trapping of any cell type without modification – automated and fast

The unique bio-compatible cell traps on the heliXcyto chips retain any type of eukaryotic cell, adherent or suspension, living or fixed. There is no need for any modifications or the expression of specific surface receptors. The trapping of the cells happens fully automated and within seconds.

Different options for different cells and experimental designs

Choose between different trap sizes to optimally trap your specific cell type. Use heliXcyto chips with one trap for single-cell analyses or with five traps for cell population data and low target expression levels.

Automated regeneration

Reversible flow automatically washes the cells out of the traps after your measurement, thus the chips can be re-used many times.

heliXcyto chip

The heliXcyto chip contains a single microfluidic channel with two measurement spots in series.

The empty spot 1 serves as a real-time reference of background signal from analyte or buffer.

The measurement spot 2 features bio-compatible cell traps for label-free immobilization of eukaryotic cells.

The surface of the heliXcyto chip is functionalized with flow-permeable, bio-compatible cell traps.
Their size is tailored to capture single cells.


Cells are loaded into the cell traps on the heliXcytochip in an effortless, automated workflow within seconds.

heliXcyto chip
cell trap density

Choose different chips depending on your research question.

​​1 cell trap per chip for:

→ single cell measurements
(cell-to-cell variability)

→ aggregation-prone cell suspensions

​​5 cell traps per chip for:

→ low target expression level

→ high signal amplitude

heliXcyto chip
technical details

Bio-compatible cell traps

The chip surface is functionalized with bio-compatible polymer cages optimized to capture single cells. Different cell trap sizes for different cell types are available.

Automated sensor exchange

Load up to 5 chips in one rack and switch automatically between 5 channels and 10 sensor spots.

RFID near field communication

between instrument and chip for seamless traceability of chip status and usage history.
Ideal for quality-controlled GxP environments and consistent, error-free results.

Robust microfluidics

Simplistic single-channel design, made from durable glass, withstanding highest flow rates and corrosive chemicals, disposable.

heliXcyto chip
cell trap size

Choose different trap sizes depending on your cell type. 

Single cell size

Trap size

6 – 12 µm

S, small

12 – 20 µm

M, medium

20 – 25 µm

L, large

heliXcyto chip
expert tips for chip longevity 

To assure heliXcyto chip longevity, handle it with care and avoid extreme temperature jumps.

Do not freeze the biochip.

Store it at 4°C in the fridge in their original packaging upon receipt and when not in use.

Make sure to clean it properly after each use, for example by using the heliXcyto cell trap wash.

Do not blow dry the channel with pressurized air as it may harm the cell traps.