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Until recently I always said, unfortunately we cannot do that on cells, kon and koff. A great answer now is with the heliXcyto we can. I like that a lot. Because this is really new and gives us new information.

Prof. Harald Kolmar

Professor, Kolmar Group, TU Darmstadt

Conjugation/purification of protein-DNA conjugates isn´t trivial. A game changer for us was the proFIRE® instrument from dynamicBIOSENSORS! We just love it!

Prof. Francesco Ricci

Professor, Francesco Ricci Lab, University of Rome, Tor Vergata

We use switchSENSE® analyses as follow-up of target-agnostic screening campaigns to understand the molecular mode of action of hits. This saves us a lot of time and resources in our discovery projects.

Nina Grossmann, PhD

Principal Scientist / Lab Head - Biochemistry and Biophysics, Merck KGaA – Darmstadt, Germany

There is so much progress in this company, what dynamicBIOSENSORS established the last few years is amazing and I think that switchSENSE® and RT-IC are really contributing to what we learn about not just basic science, but applied science and I see that these technologies have a great impact.

Thomas Schubert, PhD

CEO, 2bind GmbH

The DRX2 instrument serves a wide range of users with many different applications in our biophysics core facility in our institute. We find that switchSENSE® technology is an excellent addition to our facility because of its reliability and accuracy in measuring intermolecular interactions across a very wide spectrum of biological applications.

We are also very impressed with its ease of use, which significantly lowers the bar to getting started and obtaining publishable data in just couple of hours. dynamicBIOSENSORS staff are also extremely helpful and knowledgeable in not only troubleshooting technical issues with the instrument operation but also in suggesting improvements to experimental design – something we hugely appreciate.

Eugene Valkov, PhD

Head, Messenger RNA Regulation and Decay Section, RNA Biology Laboratory at the Center for Cancer Research / National Cancer Institute – Frederick, MD/USA

Of the last four big instruments I have bought in the last year, a superresolution microscope, a potentiostat, a fancy gradient maker/fractionator, and the proFIRE®, I would say it is by far the most robust and easy to use.

When I look back over about 15 big lab instruments over the last 20 years, I would say it is one of the top 10% in terms of robustness and ease of use, if it separates the compounds you want to separate (which dynamicBIOSENSORS is great about testing first before you buy).

Prof. Paul W. K. Rothemund

Research Professor, Bioengineering at California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, CA/USA

At Merck, we see the switchSENSE® technology as a versatile and highly valuable tool to positively impact preclinical drug discovery projects. switchSENSE® has proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to the analysis of interactions between a drug candidate and its target protein.

Especially the formation of ternary complexes (DNA-Enzyme-Drug) and being able to detect the inhibition of the enzymatic activity is a big benefit. Moreover, we highly appreciate the support and the competence of the dynamicBIOSENSORS team.

Daniel Schwarz, PhD

Principal Scientist Molecular Interactions and Head of Laboratory, Merck KGaA – Darmstadt, Germany

switchSENSE® biosensor will certainly increase CCMAR’s scientific capacity, but it should be seen as a far-reaching investment, first because it can also be used by the entire academic and industrial community, and second because it will enable us to identify more rapidly new biomolecules of marine origin with potential for human use.

Prof. Deborah Power

Senior Researcher, Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) – Faro, Portugal

switchSENSE® gives researchers new tools to understanding protein-ligand interaction by combining traditional kinetics measurements with changes in molecular size and shape.

Jean van den Elsen, PhD

Reader in Molecular and Structural Biology, University of Bath – Bath, UK

Our lab used the ultra-high sensitivity switchSENSE® technology from Dynamic Biosensors to confirm the pM affinities of our Nano-Traps. switchSENSE® also confirmed structural data through its rapid absolute sizing model.

Felix Hartlepp, PhD

VP Research & Technology, chromotek GmbH – Planegg-Martinsried, Germany

switchSENSE® allows us to measure affinity and kinetics of DNA-binding proteins which we are unable to analyze with any other method. Even more, switchSENSE® enables us to go one step further and characterize the enzymatic function of those proteins due to its unique dynamic measurement mode.

Michael Schraeml, PhD

Head of Protein and Enzyme Technologies, Roche Diagnostics GmbH – Penzberg, Germany

A remarkable technology for a fresh new angle on molecular interaction.

Till Bachmann, PhD

Deputy Head of Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland

switchSENSE® is one of the few new technologies which provide a clear value-added. In the case of switchSENSE®, this is the additional information on size and conformational changes of the binding partners. Especially the observation of conformational changes upon binding can be of great value to researchers in small molecule research.

Dirk Ullmann, PhD

Global Head Drug Discovery Services and Managing Director, evotec (München) GmbH – Planegg-Martinsried, Germany

We have tested switchSENSE® with a well-characterized ligand-receptor interaction. I was amazed how switchSENSE® allows to track each single measurement step in detail and about the wealth of information this technology provides. Binding parameters as well as sizing data confirmed our previous results from many previously conducted experiments – all in one single measurement.

Joachim Nickel, PhD

Group Leader, University Clinic of Wuerzburg / Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology – Wuerzburg, Germany

switchSENSE® was a revelation: it solved a seemingly intractable antibody/antigen measurement with ease. The key was its remarkably versatile architecture, switchSENSE® seems only limited by the imagination of the researcher.

Tim Carlton

Senior Scientist, VHsquared Ltd. – Cambridge, UK

We have used switchSENSE® to characterize the binding of insuline to a certain receptor. I am amazed by the wealth of information we could extract from these measurements. Apart from mere binding studies, the function of the signaling pathway could be traced in detail with switchSENSE®. This would not have been possible with any conventional sensor system.

Günter Müller, PhD

Group Leader, Helmholtz Zentrum, German Research Center for Environmental Health – Munich, Germany

Conformational change provides a more biologically relevant description of molecular interactions than just kinetics alone. Using switchSENSE® will enable us to accelerate our pursuit of breakthrough molecules.

Bruce Carrington, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist, UCB Pharma – Slough, UK

The architectures available from switchSENSE® are uniquely placed to offer us the flexibility and extraordinary sensitivity in our molecular interaction studies. This new technology will immediately open up a number of new research approaches, previously unattainable from existing technologies.

Jurgen Haustraete, PhD

Head of Protein Service Facility, VIB Inflammation Research Center – Ghent, Belgium

switchSENSE® gives imaginative researchers a fresh new set of options for studying molecular interactions.

Prof. Richard M. Napier

Professor, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick – Coventry, UK

We have been using dynamicBIOSENSORS’ DRX 2400 instrument for biomarker analysis and research for quite a while now. What strikes me is the enormous flexibility and versatility the system provides. I do not know of any other system which allows the analysis of protein and DNA biomarkers on the same chip in the same measurement.

Prof. Jörg Kleiber

Professor, Molecular Biotechnology Department, University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf – Weihenstephan, Germany