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switchBUILD & switchCONTROL



switchANALYSIS is a powerful software package designed for the rapid analysis and presentation of switchSENSE® data. From single experiments to large complex datasets, the intuitive drag‘n‘drop format enables quick and efficient data interpretion. switchANALYSIS is fueled by advanced interaction and biophysical modelling providing publication ready graphs and full numerical packages available for export.

For installation a valid license key is required, please contact for further information.

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Supplementary files

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kON, kOFF, KD, IC50, DH, ΔDH, TM, ΔG, ΔH, ΔS, kCAT, KM, Tactivate, U

Advanced Interaction Analysis

  • Analyze kinetics from real-time association and measurements from simple 1:1 to complex interaction models and determine kinetic rate constants (kON, kOFF) and affinities/dissociation constants (KD) using individual and global fits.
  • Analyze equilibrium dissociation constants or IC50 values from titration curves using straightforward dose-response models, Langmuir, and Hill-fits.
  • Quantify avidity effects through the automated global analysis of measurements at different ligand densities.

Quantitative Biophysical Analysis

  • Measure and analyze protein diameters DH with Angström accuracy and compare experimental data to hydrodynamic calculations from PDB files.
  • Quantify conformational changes in proteins by absolute numbers (diameter in nanometers) including monomers, dimers and multimers.
  • Monitor the enzymatic activity of polymerases and nucleases to determine catalytic rate constants and enzymatic units.
  • Evaluate melting curves of protein for thermal shift assays and the determination of melting points (TM).
  • Extract thermodynamic energies (ΔG, ΔH, ΔS) from integrated van‘t Hoff and Eyring analyses of temperature dependent measurements.




Size analysis with switchANALYSIS software

A video guide to determining the size of a protein and comparing the diameter of a protein to PDB data.

switchBUILD & switchCONTROL


switchBUILD software is an easy-to-use graphical planning tool to design and program experimental workflows.

  • Simply drag’n’drop individual building blocks including “kinetics”, “protein diameter” and “melting” into the measurement queue to create your bespoke workflow.
  • Use the system’s automatic dilution series to reduce hands-on time, improve data quality and accelerate your lab work.
  • Workflow output sheet tells you where to put what in the liquid handling station.

For installation a valid license key is required, please contact for further information.

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Improvements & Fixes in version

  • New setup screen replacing the first channel screen
  • Redesigned icons and images
  • Implemented right-click menus for assay elements
  • Improved 96 well tray support
  • New tool element ‘Wash’
  • Support of biochips with 96 mer DNA
  • Improved biochip storage conditions in Standby
  • Implementation of the compatibility sheet in Help
  • Facilitated usage of the interaction parameter sliders
  • Possibility to create kinetics assays for the measurement of more than one analyte (sandwich assays)
  • Dissociation pump rate configurable in kinetics
  • More accurate calculation of estimated assay time


switchCONTROL software takes the simplicity of switchBUILD scripts and converts them into advanced commands for the unattended operation of the DRX instrument.

For installation a valid license key is required, please contact for further information.

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Supplementary files

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Improvements & Fixes in version 1.4.7

  • Improved dual color usability
  • Record of flow-rates in the corresponding data files
  • Display of the instrument serial number
  • Automatic taskflow locking to reduce the risk of unintended modifications to the script


For planning your kinetic and titration experiments, you can use our free senseMAKER software.

This software is very intuitive and supports you in defining the right parameters and conditions for your experiments, regardless of which instrument you are using.

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