Drugging the “undruggables”: PROTACs, dimerization, and more  

Overcome the challenge of analyzing small-molecules, which inhibit or stabilize
protein-protein interactions (PPIs)
. Introducing the DNA Y-structure.   


Screening PROTAC ternary complex formation using the novel FRET based switchSENSE® DNA Y-structure

Join us for this 30 min presentation held during our 2021 switchSENSE® user meeting and learn more about the Y-structure design and a PROTAC case study. 

Have a look on how easy it is to immobilize E3 ligases and proteins of interest on the Y-structure: in this presentation we highlight the versatility of the Y-structure by screening a library of PROTACs against VHL, CRBN and BET proteins, resolving binary affinity and ternary interactions at the same time.

“At Merck, we see the switchSENSE® technology as a versatile and highly valuable tool to positively impact preclinical drug discovery projects. switchSENSE® has proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to the analysis of interactions between a drug candidate and its target protein.

Especially the formation of ternary complexes (DNA-Enzyme-Drug) and being able to detect the inhibition of the enzymatic activity is a big benefit. Moreover, we highly appreciate the support and the competence of the dynamicBIOSENSORS team.”

Daniel Schwarz, PhD

Principal Scientist Molecular Interactions and Head of Laboratory, Merck KGaA – Darmstadt, Germany

switchSENSE® was a revelation: it solved a seemingly intractable antibody/antigen measurement with ease. The key was its remarkably versatile architecture, switchSENSE® seems only limited by the imagination of the researcher.

Tim Carlton

Senior Scientist, VHsquared Ltd. – Cambridge, UK

“The architectures available from switchSENSE® are uniquely placed to offer us the flexibility and extraordinary sensitivity in our molecular interaction studies. This new technology will immediately open up a number of new research approaches, previously unattainable from existing technologies.

Jurgen Hasutraete, PhD

Head of Protein Service Facility, VIB Inflammation Research Center – Ghent, Belgium

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EXemplary Applications

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DNA/RNA Binders

Measure the kinetics and affinities of DNA/RNA binding proteins directly with switchSENSE®’s unique DNA nanolever approach.


Multi-specific Binders

Unravel the behaviour of complex binders like antibodies, PROTACs, and other ternary complexes with switchSENSE®’s versatile binding assays.


Conformation & Size

Solve the structure=function equation and study conformational changes in real-time with switchSENSE®’s dynamic measurement mode.


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