Create you own custom heliX® biochip to meet your experimental needs using the new heliX® MIX&RUN app.

Free app that will make your work in the lab easier

The heliX® MIX&RUN app determines the volumes of your ligand(s) and Adapter-dye strands in order to create a biochip surface with your desired ligand densities.
The heliX® Adapter Biochip features 2 spots (4 signals) with 2 different anchor sequences for DNA-encoded addressing:

Spot 1: measurement spot in red and green
Spot 2: reference/measurement spot in red and green

Ligand strands and Adapter strands can be easily exchanged by hybridization to surface-immobilized Anchor strands.

Get ready for your experiment in five easy steps.

Step 1

Define the
conditions for your

Step 2

The app calculates
all required samples
and volumes for
your experiment.

Step 3

The Ligand strands
are hybridized with
the proper Adapter strands.

Step 4

Combine all the
hybridized solutions.

Step 5

All done!
Ready to run
your experiment..

Ligand density control made easy on a heliX® chip

A biochip surface with your desired ligand densities.

Adjusting different ligand densities on a heliX® Adapter Chip is easier than preparing a decent Vodka Martini:


  1. Mix ligand and adapter strands at the desired ratio.
  2. Shake or stir, it doesn’t really matter. Place vial in autosampler.

As the heliX® instrument pumps the hybridization solution across the sensor, the pre-defined stoichiometry adjusts on the surface. Every time.

Get it now and start mixing like a pro.