Antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation

With dynamicBIOSENSORS´ new site-specific labelling kits His-tagged proteins can be covalently conjugated to DNA in an orientated way with high efficiency.

proFIRE® Conjugation

Well-defined protein-DNA conjugates are a very important tool for many bioanalytical applications.

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Labelling Kits

With our kits, covalent conjugation of proteins to DNA can be carried out in an effortless workflow.

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Our application specialists will illustrate the unique capabilities of the proFIRE® system. 

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A straightforward method to conjugate antibodies to oigonucleotides

A comparison of dynamicBIOSENSORS’ antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation kit with similar commercially available kits demonstrates significantly better purity, with less excess free DNA compared to competitor kits (A) and higher yields of the desired conjugates (B).



Figure | Comparison chromatograms of two different methods of preparing and purifying conjugates. A Used protocol from a competitor. B Protocol described here with subsequent proFIRE® purification.


Preparation of pure antibody-DNA conjugates

Join us for this recorded webinar presentation to learn more about dynamicBIOSENSORS’ unique proFIRE® system and get insights into the preparation of pure antibody-DNA conjugates.

Of the last four big instruments I have bought in the last year,
a superresolution microscope, a potentiostat, a fancy gradient maker/fractionator, and the proFIRE®,
I would say it is by far the most robust and easy to use.

When I look back over about 15 big lab instruments over the last 20 years,
I would say it is one of the top 10% in terms of robustness and ease of use, if it separates the compounds you want to separate (which dynamicBIOSENSORS is great about testing first before you buy).

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