Unravel the behaviour of complex binders like antibodies, PROTACs, and other ternary complexes with switchSENSE®’s  versatile binding assays. 

Kinetics of multispecific molecules

Analysis of cooperative binding
with switchSENSE®

Multispecific Antibody Formats

Bifunctional Aptamers

Multiple Binding Sites


Straightforward sensor functionalization with two different antigens.

Variable ligand density to control interlinking when multivalent binders are measured.

Easily adjustable antigen surface ratios to mimic cell surface abundances.

Two-color detection to monitor each interaction individually.

Stable signals for long dissociations to measure slow avidity off-rates.

heliOS software with multi-phasic fitting algorithms to differentiate affinity from avidity.


Bivalent and Bispecific Binders Tutorial

Join us for this tutorial to see how our heliX® biosensor can be used to assay a broad range of bispecific analytes using the same workflow. Our automated solutions enable you to have full control over the surface-functionalization of your ligands, from density control, to dual antigen immobilization at pre-determined ratios. And with such control over the assay setup, you can evaluate features beyond target affinity, most notably ternary complex stability, impact of linker length on avidity binding, and target cell selectivity as a function of antigen abundance and spatial separation. ​

Using our powerful heliOS software, evaluate your readout to measure enhanced target engagement, and determining binding half-times for the affinity ranking of your bispecific analytes to their targets. ​

Congratulations to Florian Kast and our collaborators from Andreas Plückthun´s group at the University of Zurich for this impressive Nature Communications paper.

The paper shows that an engineered anti-Her2 tetravalent antibody construct that binds to two different Her2 epitopes (biparatopic) significantly increases the anti-tumoral efficacy over trastuzumab or pertuzumab treatments. The biparatopic tetravalent antibody induces cluster formation of Her2 molecules on the cancer cell surface by its crosslinking capabilities leading to enhanced Her2 growth factor receptor internalization and degradation.

Besides determination of precise binding kinetics of all constructs, the superior distance-dependent crosslinking capabilities of the tetravalent construct over its parental antibody constructs at different Her2 surface densities were measured and quantified by the switchSENSE® technology. A dynamicBIOSENSORS’ internal simulation algorithm confirmed the measured crosslinking effects at different Her2 densities.



“At Merck, we see the switchSENSE® technology as a versatile and highly valuable tool to positively impact preclinical drug discovery projects. switchSENSE® has proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to the analysis of interactions between a drug candidate and its target protein.

Especially the formation of ternary complexes (DNA-Enzyme-Drug) and being able to detect the inhibition of the enzymatic activity is a big benefit. Moreover, we highly appreciate the support and the competence of the dynamicBIOSENSORS team.”

Daniel Schwarz, PhD

Principal Scientist Molecular Interactions and Head of Laboratory, Merck KGaA – Darmstadt, Germany

switchSENSE® was a revelation: it solved a seemingly intractable antibody/antigen measurement with ease. The key was its remarkably versatile architecture, switchSENSE® seems only limited by the imagination of the researcher.

Tim Carlton

Senior Scientist, VHsquared Ltd. – Cambridge, UK

“The architectures available from switchSENSE® are uniquely placed to offer us the flexibility and extraordinary sensitivity in our molecular interaction studies. This new technology will immediately open up a number of new research approaches, previously unattainable from existing technologies.

Jurgen Hasutraete, PhD

Head of Protein Service Facility, VIB Inflammation Research Center – Ghent, Belgium

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DNA/RNA Binders

Measure the kinetics and affinities of DNA/RNA binding proteins directly with switchSENSE®’s unique DNA nanolever approach.


Multi-specific Binders

Unravel the behaviour of complex binders like antibodies, PROTACs, and other ternary complexes with switchSENSE®’s versatile binding assays.


Conformation & Size

Solve the structure=function equation and study conformational changes in real-time with switchSENSE®’s dynamic measurement mode.


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