Brochure I December 14, 2018

Biophysical characterization of bispecific antibodies developed for enhancement of dual-targeting specificity with switchSENSE®

The measurement of kinetic rates and avidity binding in the simultaneous engagement of two antigens is key to optimizing for bispecific antibody target specificity early in the development process. The quantitative analysis provides insight on how to adjust the individual affinities of the bispecific antibody arms, so that the most favorable cooperative action is achieved, specifically maximal on-target and minimal off-target antibody binding.

We describe the application of a novel type of biosensor – switchSENSE® – that uses DNA-guided surface functionalization for the precise control over the relative abundance and spatial arrangement of two antigen species. The biosensor emulates the display of two different target antigens on a cancer cell surface and enables dual-color fluorescence detection for the simultaneous single and dual-binding kinetic studies of bispecific antibodies.

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