Webinar I October 16, 2023

This is the sixth episode of our DISCOVER MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS webinar series. Each month we will talk about cutting-edge drug discovery topics like bispecific antibodies, PROTACs or small molecules targeting RNA. We will show you how to characterize the respective molecular interactions in depth, how to create assays with remarkable biological similarity, low sample consumption, high versatility and exceptional ease-of-use.
In this episode we will focus on the conformational changes that can be induced by such an interaction. We will showcase how you can use DNA origami nanolevers that are electrically actuated to measure relative protein size and conformational changes. We will demonstrate examples for proteins of various sizes ranging from IgGs to ubiquitin. Moreover, we will explain what the “lag model” is and how it yields easy-to-interpret values for the comparison of different protein conformations, e.g. upon analyte binding.
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