Brochure I October 8, 2019

heliX® lines of biosensor instruments

heliX® pushes the boundaries of what has been possible in biosensing to help you do more:

  • Analysis of binding kinetics and molecular conformations in one measurement.
  • Screening of conformational changes de novo by real-time conformation referencing.
  • Resolving the fastest kinetics with confidence using advanced microfluidics and 10 ms data collection, and taking advantage of improved signal stability for the characterization of high-affinity binders in long dissociation measurements.
  • Two-color single-photon counting fluorescence detection for femto-molar sensitivity and the in-depth analysis of bispecific binders.
  • Effortless sensor functionalization and advanced ligand density control with the new Adapter Chip.

heliX® is based on a modular technical design and features an automatic chip-loader in conjunction with a 384 well plate compatible autosampler, allowing you to scale-up throughput to thousands of samples per day.


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