Webinar I February 20, 2019

switchSENSE® – Biophysical Analysis with Electro-Switchable Biosurfaces

Join us for this recorded webinar presentation to learn more about dynamicBIOSENSORS’ pioneering switchSENSE® sensor platform: an automated, fluorescence based biosensor chip technology that employs electrically actuated DNA nanolevers for biophysical and interaction analysis measurements!

The real-time measurement of binding kinetics of interactions between proteins, DNA/RNA, and small molecules can be detected with femto-molar sensitivity. The platform offers an automated ligand density control for the measurement of affinity and avidity binding modes in one single assay. Using minimal amounts of sample, protein diameters and conformational changes are analyzed with 0.1 nm accuracy, as well as protein melting transitions.

As a world’s first, our double color DRX² analyzer enables the simultaneous measurement of two different species of probes on the same detection spot. This offers the possibility of on-spot referencing or dual binding modelling, which is ideal for bispecific and proof-of-action experiments.

This webinar presentation covers the different measurement modes of our novel switchSENSE® technology, as well as its applications in biophysical analysis.