Webinar I April 21, 2021

Target selectivity of multispecific antibodies: practical analysis of binding kinetics and avidity

Bispecific antibodies are promising therapeutics for targeting cancer cells with high specificity. The measurement of binding rates and avidity effects in the simultaneous engagement of two antigens by a bispecific antibody is key for understanding and optimizing target selectivity early in the drug development process.

The quantitative analysis of individual and cooperative target binding, as well as target selectivity, provides insight on how to engineer the individual affinities of the bispecific antibody arms to achieve minimal off-target binding. In this webinar, you will learn how to analyze affinity and binding of bispecific antibody constructs (measure kinetic parameters), how to use target ratio and density control to modulate target engagement (assay setup). You will also learn about the contribution of each binding site and how this translates to read-outs such as surface half-life (analysis) and how to measure cooperative binding and predict target selectivity (practical implications).