Tutorial I May 18, 2022

Tight Binders Tutorial

Affinity becomes challenging to measure for so-called “tight-binding” ligands that possess low dissociation rate constants (kD, or “off-rate” constant) where progress toward equilibrium is inversely proportional to KD, typically necessitating prohibitively long preincubation times. This is where switchSENSE® comes in.

Our technology can measure multiple biophysical parameters such as kinetics, affinity, and avidity as well as conformational changes with low sample consumption, high sensitivity, and scalable throughput. The heliX® is particularly well suited to the study of tight binders as it can:

• Maintain highly stable flow rates over long periods of time

• Rapidly change flow rates between association and dissociation phases

• And can therefore measure extreme association and dissociation rates

In this tutorial, the Dynamic Biosensors team looks forward to hosting you and demonstrating the added value that switchSENSE® can bring to your work with tight binders!