Which analytes can I examine with RT-IC?

You can analyze any analyte of your choice with RT-IC, from small molecules to cytokines to bispecific antibodies to antigen-MHC complexes. The only prerequisite is that it needs to be fluorescently labelled.

Which parameters can I measure with RT-IC?

The following parameters can be measured from analytes binding directly to target cells: Association rate kon Dissociation rate koff Affinity, avidity, stability, Kd, t1/2 Fluorescence signal amplitude Fcps, relative target density

What is RT-IC? How does it work?

Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC) is a novel technology applying principles of biophysics and cytometry to enable the measurement of real-time kinetics directly on cells. The unique heliXcyto chip allows for the instantaneous and reversible immobilization of any...