After using a flow channel on a switchSENSE® chip (i.e. after any type of liquid has entered the flow channel), it must be vented before it can be removed from the chip holder.

This is easiest done during the chip ejection procedure:

  • Go to „Chip
  • Select „Eject Chip Holder” and mark the flow channels that were used
  • Click “Ok”

In some cases, you might want to vent a flow channel that was used but continue experiments on another flow channel without the need to eject the chip holder. This can be done with the following switchCONTROL functions:

  • Go to “Fluidics
  • Select “Maintenance
  • Select “Vent channels” to select a specific channel

The selected microfluidic channels will be purged with air.

Category: Instrument and Chip Handling