heliX® Chips are generally robust and long-lasting, if handled and stored under recommended conditions. The chips are equipped with magnets, ensuring the correct insertion into the chip tray as well as securing them in place.

Instructions for heliX® Chip storage and handling:

  • Upon receipt, store chips at -20 °C (keeping them in the original packing).
  • To increase the chip life time, the DNA nanolevers should be stored in double-stranded form without attached ligand molecules (perform a Chip Test Assay or a Standby Assay)
  • The flow channels should be as dry as possible after use. When the chip is ejected from the heliX® instrument, the used flow channels are vented with air for drying. Nevertheless, small droplets of buffer can remain in the flow channel. Therefore, it is advisable to manually purge the used flow channel with compressed air or nitrogen.
  • For short term storage, put the dry chip back in the original bag, close it and store it frozen at -20 °C (keep it in the original packing).
  • Always wear gloves when handling a chip to avoid contamination of the flow channels and finger prints on the glass surface.
  • Please avoid touching the contact pads (golden squares) used for electric connection of the sensor electrodes as this might cause contact issues.
Category: Instrument and Chip Handling