• Eject the chip holder (without channel venting) and check if the chip was placed correctly in the chip holder. The chip was inserted correctly if you can easily read the “Dynamic Biosensors” label.
  • Make sure to close the chip holder properly. This is the case, if you hear two clicks caused by the locking mechanism.
  • Retract the chip holder again and check if alignment works.

During alignment, check if you can see the alignment crosses in the electrode display located in the upper left corner of the switchCONTROL window. If this panel stays constantly black during alignment, there might be a connection problem between computer and DRX instrument. In such a case, follow the re-start instructions:

  • Close the switchCONTROL software
  • Turn off computer
  • Shut down the DRX instrument
  • Wait for about 30 seconds
  • Turn the instrument back on
  • Start computer and open the switchCONTROL software
  • Go to “Chip”
  • Select “Align”

In case the chip alignment is still not successful after following these instructions, please contact the Dynamic Biosensors support team at support@dynamic-biosensors.com

Category: Instrument and Chip Handling