Both the Start and the Prime routines are default liquid handling procedures that are used to purge the DRX instrument with running buffers of interest.

The Start routine should always be performed after a Clean&Sleep routine. In this thorough purging program, the complete fluidic system, including all flow channels of the chip holder (cleaning chip is required), is rinsed with buffer to remove potential residues of the cleaning solution used previously during the Clean&Sleep routine. To run this routine, click “Fluidics”, then “Start” and follow the instructions on the screen.

The Prime routine removes all buffers from the fluidic system and refills all microtubing with fresh buffer. It is typically used between experiments to exchange the running buffer. In this case, the complete liquid handling, except for the flow channels of the chip holder, are purged. Thus, the biochip can remain inserted as buffer is not injected into the flow channels. Furthermore, the prime routine can be used to remove air from the fluidic system, for instance when the volume of buffer needed for an experiment was underestimated. To run this routine, click “Fluidics”, then “Prime” and follow the instructions on the screen.


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