The heliX+ is equipped with 2 lasers and 4 single-photon counters. This allows to collect signals from two different fluorescent dyes for each of the two measurement spots. You have many options to use this for your specific assay requirements:

  • Multiplex and measure 4 different binding events in parallel
  • Measure 2 different binding events at the same time and at the same sensor spots, e.g. for avidity analyses of bispecific binders
    • You can functionalize one measurement spot with two different ligands and additionally adjust the specific density for each of them to mimic the ligand density on the cell surface. This is especially helpful when analyzing for example bispecific antibodies to differentiate between the affinity of the two antibody epitopes and the avidity
  • Measure ternary complex formation
    • Using the specialized Y-structure DNA nanolevers you can investigate any kind of ternary binding, e.g. PROTACs or molecular glues.
  • Measure specific induced conformational changes
  • You can exploit the FRET effect to investigate for example aptamer folding or RNA loop formation or any conformational changes with site-specific labels
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