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Understanding Interactions.

switchSENSE from Dynamic Biosensors is a novel technology for molecular interaction and biophysical analysis. The technology tracks changes in the movement of DNA nanolevers mounted on gold microelectrodes.

Other than technologies like surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or biolayer interferometry (BLI), switchSENSE adds the advantages of a dynamic measurement to those of a classical surface biosensor. Hence, in addition to standard interaction parameters such as affinity and binding kinetics, switchSENSE with its dynamic measurement technology gives researchers the opportunity to analyze a multitude of additional parameters including molecular size, aggregation, thermodynamics, conformational changes and complex avidity at greater sensitivity and flexibility than before.

Using switchSENSE greatly expands the depth and range of insight in the areas of drug design, antibody design, protein/protein interaction, DNA/protein interaction and DNA/DNA interaction.

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