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Molecular Interaction Analysis
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  • Binding Kinetics
  • Binding Affinity
  • Protein Diameter
  • Conformational Change
  • Nuclease & Polymerase Activity
  • Bispecific Binders & Avidity
  • Melting & Thermodynamics
  • Multimers & Aggregation

Application Areas


Drug Development for Biologics and Small Molecules

Fresh information, earlier in the pipeline switchSENSE® identifies and thoroughly characterizes potential hits through advanced kinetics and biophysical characterization of size, shape and conformation.


Quality Control in Production Process Monitoring

Characterizing enzyme activity and reproducible lot-by-lot quality measurements, switchSENSE® offers a brand new tool – extremely rapid, highly insightful, radiation free.


Biophysical Analysis in Life Science Research

In tandem with our high specificity kinetic measurements, switchSENSE® uses molecular rulers and the measurement of molecular dynamics to give real time mapping of size, conformation, shape and position of interacting partners.

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In Focus

Paper in Nature Communication 2017 I Specialized interfaces of Smc5/6 control hinge stability and DNA association

We are very excited about the outcome of our cooperation with Antony W. Oliver from the University of Sussex.

Cohesin, condensin and Smc5/6 belong to the group of Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes (SMC) complexes which are involved in the organization of higher-order chromosome structure. The paper exhibits that the Smc5/6-hinge, like those of cohesin and condensin, also forms a toroidal structure, however, with an unusual ‘molecular latch’ and a functional ‘hub’. Defined mutations in these interfaces cause severe phenotypic effects with sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents in fission yeast and reduced viability in human cells. By the switchSENSE® technology it was shown that WT Smc5/6-hinge readily associated with and dissociated from immobilized ssDNA. This interaction is affected by both ‘latch’ and ‘hub’ mutations, suggesting a key role for these unique features in controlling DNA association by the Smc5/6 complex.

Products for High-Performance Analysis


switchSENSE® experiments are performed on reusable multi-electrode, multi-channels biochips.

DRX Instruments

Fully automated switchSENSE® instruments are 96 well plates compatible and manufactured in Germany.


Including coupling kits, starter packs, training & OQ kits, as well as buffers, solutions and other consumables.

User statements

Dr. Michael Schraeml, Head Protein and Enzyme Technologies