switchSENSE® Technology
Molecular Interaction Analysis
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Electro-switchable Nanolevers
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  • Binding Kinetics
  • Binding Affinity
  • Protein Diameter
  • Conformational Change
  • Nuclease & Polymerase Activity
  • Bispecific Binders & Avidity
  • Melting & Thermodynamics
  • Multimers & Aggregation

Application Areas


Drug Development for Biologics and Small Molecules

Fresh information, earlier in the pipeline switchSENSE® identifies and thoroughly characterizes potential hits through advanced kinetics and biophysical characterization of size, shape and conformation.


Quality Control in Production Process Monitoring

Characterizing enzyme activity and reproducible lot-by-lot quality measurements, switchSENSE® offers a brand new tool – extremely rapid, highly insightful, radiation free.


Biophysical Analysis in Life Science Research

In tandem with our high specificity kinetic measurements, switchSENSE® uses molecular rulers and the measurement of molecular dynamics to give real time mapping of size, conformation, shape and position of interacting partners.

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Our Lunch & Learn Seminars

2017 / 2018 European Lunch & Learn Seminar Series on
“Biophysical Analysis with Electrically Switchable Nanolevers”

As part of our European Seminar Series, DBS is offering universities and research institutions the exciting opportunity to host a Lunch & Learn Seminar on our switch
SENSE® technology and its applications, starting in fall 2017.

We tailor our popular 2 hour seminars to address you application interests, and we set up a Lunch & Learn networking event to follow at your institution.

After providing the audience with a general introduction to our switchSENSE® technology – the fluorescence-based biosensor technology with electrically switchable DNA nanolevers – our scientists will give talks on your application topics of choice, while the invited audience meets and mingles over snacks and refreshments provided by DBS.

Areas of interest and application topics that can be covered in the seminar series include:

  • Antibodies and Bispecifics
  • Small Molecule Inhibitors
  • Conformational Changes in Proteins
  • DNA / RNA binding Proteins and Enzymes

Don´t miss out on this opportunity to connect and learn more about our unique switchable-nanolever switch
SENSE® technology, with broad and exciting applications in biophysical analysis!

To host one of our 2017 / 2018 European Lunch & Learn Seminar Series, please contact us at for further information.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

In Focus

Paper in Nature Communication 2017 I Specialized interfaces of Smc5/6 control hinge stability and DNA association

We are very excited about the outcome of our cooperation with Antony W. Oliver from the University of Sussex.

Cohesin, condensin and Smc5/6 belong to the group of Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes (SMC) complexes which are involved in the organization of higher-order chromosome structure. The paper exhibits that the Smc5/6-hinge, like those of cohesin and condensin, also forms a toroidal structure, however, with an unusual ‘molecular latch’ and a functional ‘hub’. Defined mutations in these interfaces cause severe phenotypic effects with sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents in fission yeast and reduced viability in human cells. By the switchSENSE® technology it was shown that WT Smc5/6-hinge readily associated with and dissociated from immobilized ssDNA. This interaction is affected by both ‘latch’ and ‘hub’ mutations, suggesting a key role for these unique features in controlling DNA association by the Smc5/6 complex.

Products for High-Performance Analysis


switchSENSE® experiments are performed on reusable multi-electrode, multi-channels biochips.

DRX Instruments

Fully automated switchSENSE® instruments are 96 well plates compatible and manufactured in Germany.


Including coupling kits, starter packs, training & OQ kits, as well as buffers, solutions and other consumables.

User statements

Dr. Michael Schraeml, Head Protein and Enzyme Technologies