Kinetics – Affinity – Avidity on Cells


SLAS 2023 New Product Award Winner

Characterize molecules binding to membrane targets where they matter: 

on cells.

Biosensor meets cytometry: 
The heliXcyto is the first automated biosensor for Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC)

Unique data for membrane targets 

No more mimicking and modeling. Real-Time Interaction Cytometry with the heliXcyto allows you to measure association kinetics, dissociation kinetics, half-life, affinity and avidity directly on cells, preserving the native folding, density, mobility and co-interactions of your molecule of interest by keeping it in its native environment.

→ Find out more about Real-Time Interaction Cytometry.

Effortless and fast

From cell culture to interaction data in three simple steps with less than 1 h hands-on time thanks to automated workflows.

Compatible with any cell type

We use unique cell traps to physically retain the cells on the chip surface. You can trap any eukaryotic cell type you want within seconds, adherent or suspension, fixed or alive. There is no need for any modifications or specific receptors on the cells’ surface.

unique design features

Modular connection to heliOS network

Autonomous device operation with embedded control system. Stable data transfer to control PC.


4 single photon fluorescence counters.
CCD camera for cell imaging.


Advanced fluidics for rapid liquid exchange.
Reverse flow for chip regeneration.


96 well plates.
Temperature controlled sample compartment.

Automatic chip loader

Automatic exchange of 5 chips.
RFID tags for seamless traceability.

Temperature control

Sample temperatures range from 15°- 40°C. Measurement in temperature gradient 10°C / min.


Applications in immuno-oncology, cell therapies, and many more

Biologics development

On-cell characterization of mono- and multi-specific antibodies, and other biologics.

Adoptive cell therapies

CAR-T cells, TCR engineering, NKs, new CMC modalities.

New targets

Biophysical analysis of so far inaccessible cell surface receptors (GPCRs, …).


Product portfolio overview.

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